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Ikyu sells valuable Japanese traditional products, mainly Osaka-Sakai kitchen knives (Wa Bocho) to customers over the world. Soul entered knives by skilled Japanese craftsmen commits "pleasure of ownership" to the customer who bought.

When sharpening a knife, it is said good to keeping on the angle of 15 degreesagainst the whetstone.
However, it is difficult for beginners to sharpen while maintaining a certainangle like a professional sharpener.
So, what I would like to introduce is a strong supporter of knife sharpening,SUPER TOGERU.

Set SUPER TOGERU on the back of a knife, you can sharpen a certain angleeasily.

The clip part is made of resin hard to scratch the knife, and the part hittingthe whetstone uses alumina ceramics.
By lengthening the total length of SUPER TOGERU, it is possible to sharpenstable without moving many times.

Japanese cakes are delicate and highlysensitive pastries are making delicious cakes every day.
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No matter where I go to a cake shop, there is always "strawberryshortcake". It is no exaggeration to say that the ability of a store isdecided by strawberry shortcake.
Put strawberries and cream with a soft sponge and decorate around it with creamand strawberries. Cake kitchen knives play an important role when carving thefinished cake.
The beautiful cakes of the sections lining up at the show case is made by thepastry using the most nerve. A sharp cake knife shows its ability even in thisscene.


To those who care for kitchen knives, thisis HOT !
It is called mirror finish.

Special processing to make rust and dirt hardly adhere. Environmentallyfriendly water-soluble.
A feeling of cleanliness, quality frequency of the kitchen knife and goodlooking are improved.

To maintain the mirror surface part of the Japanese kitchen knife which wassubjected to professional mirror finish processing, those who are doing theirbest by mirroring themselves, must BUY!


Highlyrecommending this Whetstone, King1000/6000. Good partner for Good kitchenknives!

Convenientdouble-sided type of grain size # 1000 / # 6000 (for medium grinding / finishgrinding). Red(#1000) should be used when sharpness is bad. White(#6000) when you needmore sharp cutting edge.
Please use after soaking in water!  https://www.wbuybuy.com/user/ikkyu

We just upload this Whetstone in our shop


In the latter half of the 16th century,cigarettes transmitted from Portugal were cultivated in the country, and alarge number of knives to hash cigarette leaves became necessary, so"Tobacco Knives" were made for the first time in Sakai. Because ofits high quality, in the 17th century, the Edo shogunate gave thetitle "Sakai Kiwami"(means highest quality ), and its name spreadnationwide.
Sakai kitchen knife finished carefully one by one is characterized byoutstanding sharpness, and it is loved by many professional chefs. According tothe client 's wishes, craft men commit  length,thickness, angle until millimeters or more. This polished craftsmanship greatlycontributes to the development of food culture.

The wooden cutting board gently catches thekitchen knife and minimizes the damage of the blade.
Furthermore, the burden on the wrist is small, it’s a chef 's strong ally whoentrusted with cooking for a long time. However, neglecting basic care andcontinuing to use it in unsanitary conditions also has the disadvantage ofbreeding bacteria and causing mold growth.

What you need to use wood cutting board for a long time is;

Water&Cloth: The cutting board of woodis more likely to be scratched on the surface than cutting boards such asplastics.
There is a possibility that germs may get into the scratches, so to prevent, itis necessary to wet the entire cutting board with water and coat with waterbefore cooking, then wipe off extra water with a clean cloth.
Repeat "Wet with water → wipe off with a cloth" frequently so thatthe cutting board will not dry during cooking


Hot water: After cooking, wash well withdetergent and finally disinfect with boiling water. After that, wipe with aclean cloth and dry naturally. (We do not recommend adding excessive heat witha dish dryer because it causes cracks in the cutting board)

Cleanser with abrasive: If mold comes out even a little, remove quickly with an abrasive containing cleanser. Hot water disinfection → drying

By doing this daily maintenance, wood cutting boards can continue to be usedfor decades.

It is natural that Japanese sushi and sashimi are fresh. Fishes landing from the fishing port are brought to Japanese chefs by high level logistics system and high preservation technology.
Japanese chefs cook them carefully. Especially when building sashimi, high-quality Japanese knife is always used, knife with good sharpness does not break the material cells. A beautiful gloss comes out in the cross section of the sashimi cut by a high-skill chef with a good knife.




Rust on carbon steel knife is unavoidable natural phenomenon.
Particularly a brand-new knife rusts easily.
Wet the kitchen knife, dust pouder-clenser over it, and then scour its surface carefully with a wet cork of the wine. (Scour both sides until they are clean.)
Then wash the kitchen knife with water, and wipe it well with a dry towel.
Keep the knife dry enough and wrapped in newspaper or kitchen paper.
It is also advisable to apply oil that does not oxidize, such as Tsubaki Oil, or could be olive oil.
After you repeat this process, the kitchen knife become hard to rust.

Professional chef knows this ! Try!


Amazing kitchen knife from Sakai, Osaka,Japan ! Produced byItsuo Doi who is the first class blacksmith.

逸久‐Ikkyu is a Japanese knife ( Wa Bocho)brand that produces by the blacksmith Itsuo Doi who is getting the highestratings from chefs over the world and his childhood friend Hisahiro Hanajiri,developing a number of products in which Japanese culture has been fused.

At eBaystore, some white steel knives have already run in, Itsuo Doi knives arecoming soon ! Search ''Ikyu'',please !!


Nice winter weather in Osaka, beautiful knives come out !


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