The wooden cutting board gently catches thekitchen knife and minimizes the damage of the blade.
Furthermore, the burden on the wrist is small, it’s a chef 's strong ally whoentrusted with cooking for a long time. However, neglecting basic care andcontinuing to use it in unsanitary conditions also has the disadvantage ofbreeding bacteria and causing mold growth.

What you need to use wood cutting board for a long time is;

Water&Cloth: The cutting board of woodis more likely to be scratched on the surface than cutting boards such asplastics.
There is a possibility that germs may get into the scratches, so to prevent, itis necessary to wet the entire cutting board with water and coat with waterbefore cooking, then wipe off extra water with a clean cloth.
Repeat "Wet with water → wipe off with a cloth" frequently so thatthe cutting board will not dry during cooking


Hot water: After cooking, wash well withdetergent and finally disinfect with boiling water. After that, wipe with aclean cloth and dry naturally. (We do not recommend adding excessive heat witha dish dryer because it causes cracks in the cutting board)

Cleanser with abrasive: If mold comes out even a little, remove quickly with an abrasive containing cleanser. Hot water disinfection → drying

By doing this daily maintenance, wood cutting boards can continue to be usedfor decades.